Summer Reading Program

The 2018 Summer Reading Program has concluded. 

Thank to everyone who participated and made 2018's program a success. A big thank you for all the sidewalk painters who were here to kick off our program. Thank you to Rose Yarko-Lazzeri for donating her time and talents again this year. Thank you to Martha Darling for her continued help with the Summer Reading Program/Story Time crafts. Thank you to Grace Rector for volunteering her time to help with the Summer Reading Program.

Thank you to our 2018 sponsors:

Culver's on Wabash


Papa Murphy's

Sliders Baseball

Our 2018 Winners were:

0 - 7 years old

1st Andy Biesenthal

2nd Bell Tolliver

3rd Leah Sunley

8 -12 years old

1st Michael Biesenthal

2nd Ellen Ehrman

3rd Laura Biesenthal


1st Robby Biesenthal

2nd Abby Spann

3rd Gabe Spann


1st Rose Yarko-Lazzeri

2nd Nick Morrison

3rd Jennifer Spann

Overall Winner

Rose Yarko-Lazzeri

Story Time is every Wednesday at 10:30 am.

Call 488-7733 for further information.